BackAutomotive and Truck Products

The Firm represents many manufacturers of products associated with the truck and automotive industries, including vehicle manufacturers, tire manufacturers, and component part manufacturers. Our attorneys are schooled in the investigation, accident reconstruction, and handling of cases that involve the technologies associated with these industries.

Our attorneys have knowledge and experience in the technology of the truck and automotive products industries that includes transmission litigation, brake litigation, steering system litigation, tire and wheel rim mismatch litigation, ABS cases, allegations of improper handling due to tire rotation patterns and small spare tires, axle failure cases, cruise control, and sudden acceleration cases, as well as a host of less frequently recurring first-collision allegations (e.g., battery boil-over, hood latch releases, and jack stability).

Consistent with the national trend, however, more than half of the Firm's current caseload in this practice area consists of vehicle crashworthiness claims. These cases include:

  • absence of rear seat shoulder harness
  • absence of rear window glass lamination
  • air bag abrasion
  • air bag fatalities
  • air bag non-deployment
  • allegations of inertial unlatching of seat belts
  • cargo van rollover
  • door latch design
  • fuel-fed fires
  • I.P. stiffness
  • improper seat belt performance
  • lap belt warning on passive three-point seat belt systems
  • light truck rollover and roof crush
  • rear body structure integrity
  • seat back barrier design
  • seat back failures
  • seat track failures

Firm attorneys are accustomed to the engineering environment required in the defense of our clients’ products. Nelson Mullins has represented  manufacturers in product liability lawsuits. The Firm works closely with company engineers in the defense of claims.