BackChemicals, Mass Torts, and Environmental Law

Nelson Mullins has acquired a knowledgeable practice, representing clients on a national, regional, and local basis. In addition to representing individual clients in cases involving single adverse parties, we have served as national coordinating counsel in toxic and mass tort litigation nationwide, including cases involving thousands of plaintiffs and numerous defendants. Members of the Firm have tried cases in approximately forty (40) states, including cases in the most plaintiff-friendly venues.

The Firm's attorneys have represented clients in multiple class actions. As examples, we represented a Fortune 500 client in a seminal purported class action brought in state court in South Carolina and defeated an attempt to certify a national class in the proceedings, eliminating the potential for national class actions in South Carolina's state court system. We also defeated a class action attempting to seek medical monitoring on behalf of all textile workers exposed to commonly used co-polymer.

The Firm's attorneys have represented clients in a variety of alleged chemical exposures involving benzene, TCE, PCE and other solvents, dioxin, metals, PCB's, TCE, chemical co-polymers, chlorine, formaldehyde, dust, silica, mold, and pesticides among others. We have been involved in virtually every type of lawsuit arising from the manufacture, sale, transport, or disposal of chemicals or other alleged toxic materials. We routinely represent chemical companies, petrochemical companies, and their suppliers or distributors. Our toxic tort and environmental lawyers have represented clients in spills, releases, fires, and explosions, not only in litigation for claims arising from such incidents, but from initial reporting and emergency response through resolution of the last claim or enforcement action. We have represented clients in alleged exposures from routes including inhalation, dermal, and alleged ingestions.

Through our experience in coordinating litigation regionally and nationally, we have learned the value of working with co-defendants in joint defense groups to conserve defense costs. We have lawyers who have acted in the capacity as in-house counsel managing outside counsel and consultants, with a specific appreciation of those challenges. Our experience also includes lawyers that have worked for state and federal environmental agencies. Our experience and knowledge of the science and medical issues in toxic and mass torts allows us to conserve costs by using pre-existing research and transferable forms developed by the Firm's lawyers whenever possible. Our attorneys know and have worked with biologists, toxicologists, epidemiologists, industrial hygienists, psychologists, and medical doctors, among other specialties. Our years of working with experts, both adverse and retained, allows us to identify the most highly qualified experts available in this area of science or medicine, and to develop evidence to combat opposing experts and disqualify, through pursuit of Daubert and Frye motions, those whose opinions are lacking scientific reliability. We have on-staff registered nurses and pharmacists to review medical records and other healthcare records, as well as do literature searches when necessary.

In environmental matters, our attorneys routinely represent chemical and petrochemical companies on a local, regional, and national basis. This experience includes regulatory permitting, compliance and enforcement issues, as well as environmental litigation. We have experience in regulatory matters including the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, RCRA, TSCA, FIFRA, EPCRA, NEPA, OSHA, and the Endangered Species Act. Our regulatory experience ranges from permitting new and expanded facility operations to enforcement actions involving state and federal agencies.

We have further assisted clients in complying with applicable regulations and guidelines addressing indoor environmental quality issues, including the development of preventative maintenance and response plans to address indoor environmental quality issues, and in defending clients in regulatory enforcement and civil litigation involving indoor environmental quality issues, including claims seeking property damage, personal injury and/or medical monitoring. Our environmental attorneys also have litigation experience before Administrative Law Courts, as well as state and federal courts through defense of citizens' suits and permit appeals, as well as civil, constitutional, and statutory claims.

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