BackElectronic Transactions

Nelson Mullins regularly helps clients move from paper to electronic documents and records. Our experience in this area is based on:

  • our familiarity with substantive law governing enforceable e-transactions and records, such as state UETA and federal ESIGN, as well as more specific law applicable to specific transactions;
  • our equal familiarity with current and future challenges to the admissibility of e-documents under rules of evidence;
  • our experience in structuring both e-transactions and the maintenance of e-documents so as to achieve enforceability and admissibility; and
  • our familiarity with the operational requirements of our clients' businesses.

Our experience assisting in the transition to electronic records has been offered to organizations as wholes or by particular functions or departments. We also often analyze technologies and design processes in view of:

  • the enforceability of e-contracts;
  • the validity of e-notifications and consents;
  • the enforceability of images of paper documents;
  • the admissibility of e-documents; and
  • related operational issues.