BackGovernment Relations and Administrative Law

Nelson Mullins’ government relations practice represents clients before federal, state, and local legislative, regulatory and administrative agencies, including lobbying practices in Washington, Atlanta, Boston, Columbia, and Raleigh.

Our government relations client services include:

  • Advocacy representation before federal, state, and local legislatures and before executive, administrative, and regulatory agencies.
  • Preparing and implementing legislative and other government relations strategies.
  • Introductions to public officials.
  • Political and legal analysis.
  • Design and implementation of strategies for federal and state appropriations.
  • Assistance in identifying and obtaining grant funding.
  • Monitoring and timely reporting on legislative activities, including introductions, hearings and committee meetings.
  • Guiding client participation in the legislative and regulatory arena, including testimony at hearings and comments submitted for the record.
  • Facilitating access to key influencers of public policy, including business and professional associations, think tanks, political organizations, and coalitions.

Our government relations professionals understand how legislative, administrative, regulatory, and political processes operate in the Nation’s Capitol, at the State House, at the county office building, and at City Hall. We welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can assist.