Navigating through the complexities of government contracts requires more than a good compass and a little luck. It takes a team of attorneys with experience in representing companies in government contract matters, like the lawyers of Nelson Mullins.

The Nelson Mullins Government Contracts Group works with clients on government contracting. The skills of Nelson Mullins attorneys are not restricted to a particular type of government or company and firm attorneys have represented a variety of vendors in venues throughout the United States.

It is a rare opportunity for a company to spend its legal fee budget to grow revenue, but the goal at Nelson Mullins is to represent clients in their quest for more government contract awards. Group attorneys learn the strengths of a client’s business in order to offer more valuable assistance. They review solicitation documents, proposals and bids for responsiveness, and assist in negotiations when such assistance would likely enhance a client’s chance for receiving a critical and profitable contract. Additionally, Nelson Mullins attorneys assist in negotiation and litigation when necessary to protect and serve client interests.

Group attorneys serve as national counsel to clients, retaining local counsel only when necessary to protect the best interests of those clients. With a comprehensive database of state procurement laws and regulations, Nelson Mullins attorneys often provide prompt responses to client needs and inquiries. With a record of having successfully represented clients in many jurisdictions, the Nelson Mullins Government Contracts Group strives for excellence in client service with appropriate regard to cost effectiveness. Nelson Mullins is positioned to guide clients on the journey to more government contracts.