BackRecords and Document Management

Records management programs have changed tremendously in recent years as a result of greater accountability and the overwhelming demands imposed by ESI on old paper-based programs. Our records attorneys and consultants have been in the forefront of that change, creating, implementing, assessing, and improving new, more administrable and defensible programs. Our practice is firmly grounded in managing current risks through a proven method of accelerated implementation, but also anticipates opportunities for managing ESI.

We regularly offer:

  • well-tested policies, guidelines, best practices, and implementation strategies for the creation, storage, and, disposition of all types and forms of records and documents;
  • electronic resources policies governing software and hardware, employee and contractor usage, monitoring and enforcement, and all media types including collaboration software, blogs, wikis, voicemail, SMS, and IM;
  • record retention schedules based on our experience in making hundreds of such schedules manageable for our clients, and in assisting in rapid adoption and implementation;
  • policies, procedures, checklists, and forms for litigation and investigative holds;
  • imaging procedures and storage procedures for e-documents that will contribute to their admissibility, weight, and enforceability;
  • disaster recovery planning, including vital records; and
  • assistance with training and technology assessment.

All of our records management programs are based on knowledge regarding legal retention periods, and legal and business needs for records integrity and security, protection of intellectual property, and other confidential and sensitive information, and the secure destruction of personal information. Combining our legal knowledge with well-tested project plans and consultative experience, we help our clients create and improve their records management programs cost-effectively.