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From an early national chemical industry and asbestos defense practice foundation, Nelson Mullins’ Toxic Torts Practice has played an active role in chemical and toxic exposure cases. Nelson Mullins serves as primary coordinating counsel in the Southeast for several major chemical and other manufacturers. Several of our senior partners also serve as national trial and coordinating counsel for major U.S. companies. This experience in toxic torts provides for comprehensive development of unified trial and settlement strategies across jurisdictional boundaries.

Our attorneys have experience in handling the complex issues involved in this type of litigation including causation analysis, epidemiological issues, and scientific evidence admissibility questions. Comprehensive management of databases for clients in the toxic tort area is possible through the commitment of Firm resources and talent to client needs. Corporate historical analysis, literature searches, archival research, and document reviews for discovery and litigation management provide the maximum flexibility for client decision making in this area. Databases are maintained for clients on specific issues, such as medical literature and expert opinions.

Discovery, expert and corporate witness, and trial management are provided through the creation and maintenance of databases on witness testimony and trial results by jurisdiction, by job site, and by plaintiffs’ attorney. The ability to check the accuracy of new data affecting a client’s interest with such databases provides a unique opportunity for defending toxic tort claims. Records of prior discovery, settlements, and costs for clients assist them in forecasting exposure and preparing in-house projections. Close coordination with in-house counsel and administrative personnel through direct E-mail or other electronic links provides Nelson Mullins’ toxic tort clients with direct links to manage and monitor their toxic tort litigation.

Nelson Mullins is available to handle the day-to-day litigation needs for clients at a regional or national level, and can implement cost-effective ways to handle routine matters, coordinate discovery, prepare for trial and conduct the trial itself. Whether working directly with corporate witnesses at a national level or serving as local counsel, Nelson Mullins has the experience and resources available to handle toxic tort matters.

Nelson Mullins attorneys have defended class action or "mass" toxic tort matters for a variety of clients. We also have defended other personal injury and product liability claims including the following:

  • asbestos
  • benzene
  • blood products
  • breast implants
  • Dalkon Shield
  • DES
  • diet drugs
  • implantable contraceptives
  • L-tryptophan
  • latex gloves
  • pharmaceuticals and medical devices
  • solvents
  • termiticides
  • tobacco
  • Toxic shock syndrome

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