Nelson Mullins provides representation to transportation providers, including major airlines, national railroads, and a variety of national and regional motor carriers.

Our aviation team has represented air carriers in major crash litigation, securities, and other commercial litigation. Our attorneys also represent aircraft manufacturers and maintenance suppliers in a variety of product liability, personal injury, and commercial matters. Nelson Mullins’ aviation team is well-versed in FAA rules and regulations and their application to pilots, air carriers, and air carrier vendors. See Aviation

Nelson Mullins’ railroad team represents national railroads in a range of matters including major freight claims involving U.S. and international law, federal and state regulatory matters, toxic exposure, FELA, and railroad derailment and crossing accident cases. The railroad team is experienced in transportation law and regulatory issues unique to railroads.

Firm attorneys represent a variety of motor carriers in freight claims, vehicular accident cases, and other commercial litigation. Nelson Mullins also advises motor carriers with respect to the development of carrier contracts and other business procedures to maximize motor carriers’ protection and business performance.

Examples of Firm transportation matters, including the following:

  • Rail accidents including crossing accidents, trespasser accidents, and derailments
  • Tort claims arising from the release of hazardous materials during transportation
  • Litigation of environmental claims arising from the accidental release of hazardous materials during transportation
  •  FELA, Jones Act and Admiralty cases
  • Commercial truck and vehicular accidents including semi-trailer accidents, rollovers, and traditional accidents
  • Barge accidents and collisions
  • Providing advice and counsel in matters involving various state and federal regulatory bodies relating to transportation of goods via truck, rail or ship/boat/barge including the WV Department of Transportation, the US Department of Transportation, the Federal Railroad Administration, the WV Department of Environmental Protection, the US Coast Guard, and the USEPA