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"Ashley Madison Action Shows Global Regs Can’t Be Cheated," Law360

August 29, 2016
Elizabeth K. Hinson

In an article published on August 26, 2016 in Law360, Columbia attorney Bess Hinson provides insight into Ashley Madison’s lack of cybersecurity that exposed 37 million members’ data, resulting in hundreds of lawsuits initiated by the Federal Trade Commission. Ms. Hinson provides guidance on how other countries are beginning to tighten their cybersecurity laws: “The privacy community, not just in the U.S. but also in places like Asia and Latin America, is becoming much more aggressive about investigating companies that have large breaches and have big global profiles.” Ms. Hinson also says, “Hopefully this report highlights the need for companies to be mindful of where their traffic is coming from and, even if it’s just a small percentage coming from a certain country, that they need to amend their privacy policy to address that country’s unique privacy laws.” For the full article, subscribers may click here