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“Attorneys React to DOL

May 19, 2016
Mark L. Keenan

In an article published on May 18, 2016, Atlanta partner Mark L. Keenan provides insight on the significance of the Department of Labor’s issuance of the new overtime exemption rule raising the minimum salary threshold to qualify for the Fair Labor Standards Act's white collar exemption. “Only time will tell if the final rule will accomplish the administration’s announced goal of boosting worker compensation,” says Mr. Keenan. He further notes that “[w]hile some employers may raise salaries to meet the new requirements, others may respond by decreasing exempt employees’ pay and capping those employees at 40 hours per week – a de facto pay cut. Employers are also likely to take proactive steps such as redistributing work and outsourcing to respond to the new salary requirements. Either way, we expect to see a spike in FLSA litigation following implementation as employers struggle to ensure previously exempt employees are complying with timekeeping requirements imposed on non-exempt employees.” For the full article, Law360 subscribers may click here.