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“Breach Disclosure, Class Actions Could Affect
Yahoo’s Price,” Legal Newsline

October 19, 2016
Elizabeth K. Hinson

In an article published on Oct. 18, 2016 in Legal Newsline, Columbia attorney Bess Hinson discusses Yahoo’s recent cyber-attack and the class action cases being made against the company. Ms. Hinson explains how this will affect companies in the future that face data breaches. Public companies could face stiff penalties from the Securities and Exchange Commission for taking too long to disclose breaches to consumers, similar to legislation proposed by New York State Department of Financial Services, she said. She also discusses how this will impact smaller companies as well. “For smaller companies, they're still subject to data protection standards that may be established in their state. Or they may be required to comply with those laws if they collect personal information from residents of those states.” For the full article, you may click here.