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David Katz quoted in the May 2015 issue of SC Magazine

August 7, 2015
David F. Katz

Reprinted from "Assets of Value," SC Magazine

In an article published in the May 2015 issue of SC Magazine, David Katz discusses the process of establishing formal security plans and policies to serve enterprises when a data breach strikes. The list of data breach victims keeps growing in spite of an information security industry that continuously creates and develops complex defenses against it. Proposed legislation to ensure that companies take active measures to safeguard data in light of the disastrous, recent breaches will likely thrust the rigor of organizational security plans and policies onto the front lines as the world struggles to protect and preserve data integrity. “IT leadership controls the organization’s digital assets,” Katz explains. “To the extent this team doesn’t have the right resources to develop, practice and implement a formal security plan, it is equivalent of leaving cash on the counter.”

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