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English Exam, The Scrivener

November 3, 2016
Elizabeth Scott Moïse

Approaching the end of the year, I remember how the holidays of my first two years of college were over­shadowed by the exams looming right after the New Year. Yes, the school scheduled exams to start immediately AFTER the holidays. Torture. I hauled all of my books and notes home, just to have the books sit there on my desk, day after day, where I glanced at them with a deep stab of guilt as I ran out to see my friends and do holiday things. “Tomorrow, I will study all day,” I would promise myself. What actually happened—as reflected in my grades those years—is that the books sat there until I hauled them back to Columbia in early January and crammed around the clock dur­ing the whole exam week.

Those were the good old days. I do not miss them. Today is much better because not only do I not have to take any tests, I can be the evildoer who gives them. Get out your No. 2 pencils.

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