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From the Magna Carta to LegalZoom

July 8, 2016
William C. Hubbard

‘We lawyers need to lead the disruption and not be disrupted by others. And the window is closing on our ability to lead the change’

Reprinted with permission from The Florida Bar News

Immediate past ABA President William Hubbard recently gave a talk to a Rotary Club in South Carolina on the rapidly changing legal marketplace.

When he returned to his table, three 80-year-old men sharing it with him confided they each had recently used LegalZoom, the online provider of legal forms. One had formed a corporation; the second did a partnership agreement; and the third did a will.

“In the lyrics of Carole King, ‘I feel the earth move under my feet,’” said Hubbard, the Judicial Luncheon speaker at The Florida Bar Annual Convention in June.

In a brisk 20-minute speech, Hubbard traced legal history and legal access from the Magna Carta to the current technology revolution where online nonlawyer companies are offering legal forms and services to consumers. Click here to read the full story.