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Take up today’s challenges as we have in the past, new ABA President William Hubbard urges

August 12, 2014
William C. Hubbard

William C. Hubbard accepted the gavel as the new president of the ABA, and quickly set about exhorting the House of Delegates and all lawyers to follow the courage of those who pushed for the rule of law with Magna Carta in 1215, of those who crafted our Constitution in Philadelphia in 1787, and of four still-living, long-term ABA members who courageously battled for freedom, equality and civil rights.

On the heels of Chief Justice John Roberts’ speech earlier Monday about Magna Carta’s influence on our justice system, Hubbard picked up the theme and said: “As we reflect on our democracy, we do not need to limit ourselves to the inspiring words and bold deeds of centuries ago.”

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