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When Interviewers Press for Birth Dates and Grad Dates, Is It Discriminatory? SHRM Online

March 10, 2016
Michelle W. Johnson

In an article published on March 8, 2016, Atlanta partner Michelle Johnson discusses how asking for birth dates, high school graduation dates, and college transcripts can be ways that employers try to uncover a job applicant’s age. She says that such questions are “clearly improper,” but there are ways to deflect them with statements such as, “I have had other jobs, but I feel that the positions on my resume from the last 15 years are the best examples of my skills and experience.” She advises against pushing back against aggressive interviewers, suggesting instead that “[i]t may not be possible to avoid answering the question without looking like you have something to hide. In that case, I’d go ahead and answer, even though you shouldn’t have to. And, I’d think hard about further pursuing employment with a company that exhibits such evident age bias.” For the full article, please click here.