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Social Media:
A Brave New World of Engagement
Exploring the Emerging Risk, Legal and Regulatory 
Issues in Social Media

January 7, 2014
David F. Katz

The social media revolution has been credited with bringing down dictators, has made billionaires out of twenty-year-old computer programmers, and has commoditized personal information and altered perceptions of privacy on a scale never before seen. This revolutionary and transformative period for communications will necessarily have far-reaching consequences on interactions between organizations and individuals. Businesses are diving into the world of social media to exploit unprecedented opportunities to communicate effectively with targeted audiences; to gain information about customers, employees, and investors; and to obtain customer, client, employee, or investor feedback through new forms of interactive communication. Yet businesses large and small must be prepared to confront a gamut of evolving legal and regulatory issues unique to social media. Traditionally understood risk management techniques must be implemented by businesses seeking to exploit the benefits of social media without falling prey to an ever-changing landscape of legal and regulatory pitfalls. 

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