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“LinkedIn Data Dump Shows Liability
for Hacks Lingers,” Law360

May 20, 2016
Elizabeth K. Hinson

In an article published on May 19, 2016, Columbia associate Bess Hinson provides insight on LinkedIn’s recent disclosure of a previous data breach, in which more than 100 million email and password combinations were likely compromised. In LinkedIn’s blog post, the company resurrected the memory of its 2012 data breach, essentially opening the door for plaintiffs attorneys and regulators to take a fresh look at the breach and highlight the legal exposure companies still face long after a cyberattack. “If this online posting includes new user emails and passwords that weren’t previously released, I could see this news opening up some new litigation, although whether or not these suits will work is likely to depend on what injuries might result from this posting,” explains Ms. Hinson. “What’s really interesting is that some courts are becoming open to accepting future risk of identity theft for harm that can confer standing, and decisions like that are really moving the ball forward for the plaintiffs bar,” she continued. For the full article, subscribers may click here.