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Litigating Trade Secrets Cases:
The Risks of Going Overboard

October 21, 2015
Erika C. Birg

It is Friday afternoon, 3 P.M., before a long, holiday weekend when you get a call from your CEO.  Your HR director just announced her immediate resignation and headed out the door.  To make things worse, the CEO just discovered that the HR director had secreted away the employee handbook, knew all of employees’ skills and talents, and planned to recruit the employees for her new, competing business.  Of course, while the HR director made sure everyone else signed the company’s normal restrictive covenant agreements, she did not sign them or they cannot be found in the file.  Certainly all of the information that she had was secret and very valuable to competitors.  One instant thought you have is turning to a trade secret misappropriation claim to protect the company.  

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Reprinted with permission from Focus, the ACC North Florida Chapter Newsletter