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Out of the Blue: Changes in the
Twentieth Edition of The Bluebook

November 4, 2015
Elizabeth Scott Moïse

Sensing a vacuum in legal citation rules, Erwin N. Griswold, editor in chief of the 1926 Harvard Law Review (and he later became dean of the law school), decided to fill it by publishing the first edition of The Bluebook: a tiny pamphlet measuring 3¼-by-5¾ inches and consisting of only twenty-six pages. See A. Darby Dickerson, An Un-Uniform System of Citation: Surviving with the New Bluebook, 26 STETSON L. REV. 53, 57-59 (1996). The first Bluebook was not even blue. It was gray. See id.; see also Photograph of the First Edition of A Uniform System of Citation, web/20120426094336/https:// PastVersions/USC01.pdf 

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Reprinted with permission from the S.C. Bar. The article originally appeared in the November 2015 issue of SC Lawyer magazine.