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Richard Riley Speech at James F. Byrnes Scholarship Luncheon

July 9, 2014
Richard W. Riley

It is a great pleasure to join you today to help carry on the long and unique tradition of Mom and Pop Byrnes.  It is an interesting day – between Friday the 13th and Father's Day.  I hope that each of you fathers has a great day.

I had the good fortune to meet James Byrnes more than a few times when I was growing up.  My father – Ted Riley – and Mr. Byrnes both were active in politics and close political allies for many years.  On several occasions, Jimmy – as my Dad called him – was a visitor in our home in Greenville.   

As you well know, James F. Byrnes was one of the most influential South Carolinians of his time – perhaps of all time.  With no formal high school education, he worked and studied hard to become a newspaper editor, a lawyer, a solicitor, a Congressman, Senator, Governor, Supreme Court Justice, Secretary of State and more. 

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