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The New Etiquette of Firing in the Digital Age, Fast Company

November 20, 2015
Susan Warner

In an article published on Nov. 19, 2015, Jacksonville of counsel Susan Warner provides guidance to employers having to fire or lay off employees in this new digital age. She notes that an announcement through a chat or internal IM system is too informal. She emphasizes, "Companies using this method are treading in a danger zone because there is too much space for misinterpretation. In person, management can convey a certain tone and demeanor and have greater control over how the message is delivered." She also points out that while terminating an employee through email, or any other means, is technically legal, in-person terminations are the favored option, and open communication reassures the employees that the company is facing the issue head on. "It allows employees to ask questions of management to prevent misinformation from spreading throughout the company.” For the full article, please click here