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Emergency Response
In the event of a natural or man-made disaster, Nelson Mullins will respond swiftly and efficiently to ensure the safety of our staff and minimal disruption of our ability to serve our clients. The Firm has established readiness and recovery plans for all of our offices to protect our employees and mitigate the effects of a disaster. This Web site will be updated as necessary to keep you informed of our response and recovery activities. 

During severe weather, our attorneys and staff are prepared to take precautions to protect themselves and their families so that recovery will be swift and sure. We take precautions every day to protect your interests, your confidential information, and your records. A weather emergency doesn’t change our concern for providing quality service to you.

As soon as practical, our offices will be open and operating as usual. Your attorney, however, might be working out of an alternate location and will contact you as soon as possible. In case of evacuation from one of our offices, telephone calls to main numbers will be routed to our switchboard in Columbia. You can contact the Firm at 803.799.2000 or 1.800.237.2000.

In the meantime, if your business could be impacted by severe weather, Nelson Mullins urges you to

  • Review your own emergency response plan and make sure your employees are prepared.
  • Review your insurance policies and other important documents and place copies in a safe place.
  • Perform an inventory of your equipment and make sure you have tarps to cover them.
  • Heed any evacuation mandates from your emergency response officials.
  • Make sure your emergency supplies are refreshed.

To Our Employees

Your safety and the security of your family are our primary concerns. We urge you in advance of severe storms to review your response plans with your family. Heed any evacuation order. Offices in threatened areas should review their procedures and note the following:

We will communicate updates concerning inclement weather status and the Firm’s response via our voicemail and texting systems. You can access your phone messages by dialing 1-800-243-5561 and following the prompts. 

In the event that you are not assigned a dedicated extension with a voice mail box, you may call the number below that is designated for your particular office to obtain status reports.

Columbia                     803-255-9900

Greenville                    864-250-2200

Myrtle Beach                843-946-5662

Charleston                   843-534-4343

Atlanta                        404-322-6020

Charlotte                     704-417-3099

Raleigh                        919-329-3838

Winston-Salem            336-774-3320

Washington, DC           202-545-2992

Boston                        617-573-4797

Tallahassee                 850-907-2525

Huntington                  304-526-3595

Nashville                     615-664-5395

Jacksonville                 904-665-3695

New York                     646-428-2626 

We also need to hear from you through this system if you are evacuated.  The broadcast messages will be updated regularly and following any impact.  In the event you are unable to return to the office when we reopen, or if an evacuation extends beyond 48 hours, we ask that you initiate a reply to these broadcast messages by identifying yourself, telling us where you are, giving us a means to get in touch with you, and letting us know that you are safe, or by letting us know that you are in need of help.  In these circumstances, every employee should respond  by using the voicemail reply function or by email to  

In the event of a hurricane, we ask everyone to assist in preparing for the storm. In all of the exterior offices, computer and telephone equipment should be disconnected and moved to interior offices and storage areas. Monitors and computers should be turned off and then power cords should be unplugged from the back of the equipment, not the wall. Leave cables and cords in place at the wall connections. Administrative assistants should confirm that your assigned attorneys’ equipment is properly disconnected and stored.

Desks in perimeter window offices should be completely cleared of all items. All files and documents of any kind must be secured in desks, credenzas or file drawers. Administrative assistants will be responsible for securing their work area, as well as that of their assigned attorneys. Members of the local storm team will cover desks in the windowed offices with plastic sheeting secured by tape.

After the equipment is removed, desk surfaces cleared and papers stowed, close the doors to the each of the perimeter offices.

Computers and telephones in the inner offices and at the AA workstations do not have to be moved, but you should still turn these items “off” and unplug power and telephone connections from the back of each device.

A storm team in each office will make certain that vulnerable equipment and files are wrapped in plastic in order to best avoid water damage should there be leaks in the roof, or if water should come under or around the doors, or in the event windows are smashed.

We will power down our computer network and phone system. It is possible that power will be shut down throughout the entire building.

VDI access will operate for attorneys and staff who have a VDI code and Internet access.

Should a strike by a major storm be predicted, the Governor in the threatened area may call for a mandatory evacuation. Most of you probably have already made arrangements to go to a particular place in order to ride out the storm. If you need support in order to complete required services to our clients or should you find that the plans you have made for your family are unavailable, someone in our Facilities Department should be able to assist you.

During a mandatory evacuation, the servers in your office may be physically removed, transported and reconnected to provide business continuity while the office is inaccessible. As long as you can access VDI (from a hotel or other places that provide Internet service), you will be able to access your e-mail, NetDocuments, DTE and other essential programs.

We are committed to take all of the possible steps to make sure that all of the members of our Nelson Mullins family are safe and well and that our client service remains unbroken.