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"Disinformation Campaigns in DNC Hacks Could Shift Threat Landscape for Enterprise Cybersecurity," LegalTech News

In an article published on Nov. 14, 2016 in LegalTech News, Atlanta partner David Katz provides guidance to the cybersecurity issues the Democratic National Committee faced during the 2016 election and what this means for the future of data security. Mr. Katz explains how communication played a key role in this breach, “The way we communicate now is electronic, and that in and of itself creates risk because it makes a record that is potentially discoverable.” He illustrates the importance of assuming whatever you say is not 100 percent safe. "If you're engaged in very sensitive communications, I think you should almost assume that they're not going to be secure, especially if they're in the context of something that's potentially controversial or that folks might have a reaction to out of context.” For the full article, subscribers to LegalTech News may click here.