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"Revisiting A Proposal To Allow Drug Importation
Is A Mistake," The Hill

In an article published on Feb.21, 2017 in The Hill, Senior Policy Advisor Ron Klink provides insight into how the U.S. could be impacted if it decides to revisit a proposal that would open America’s borders to medicines from foreign countries. The United States is a nation that prides itself on safety and security, but we cannot begin to estimate the true financial costs that counterfeit medicines would have as a result of negative impact to Americans’ health, Mr. Klink explains. It is impossible for the U.S. government to regulate drugs that are coming in from all over the world, outside of the FDA’s oversight. He says that quite simply, sourcing drugs from outside the United States could mean American patients are exposed to drugs that have no or too little active ingredient, harmful fillers, or actual poisons. For the full article, please click here.