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SCOTUS Reigns in States’ Exercise of
General Personal Jurisdiction

Reprinted from the American Bar Association Environmental & Energy Litigation newsletter

In an article published June 8, 2017, Columbia partner Karen Aldridge Crawford, discusses the  U.S. Supreme Court decision in BNSF Railway Co. v. Tyrrell, No. 16-405. The case was appealed from a decision of the Supreme Court of Montana and related to a Federal Employers Liability Act case for injuries from on-the-job exposure to carcinogenic chemicals while employed by BNSF. The alleged injuries did not occur in Montana. BNSF was not headquartered or incorporated in Montana and claimed only five percent of its work force and about six percent of its total track mileage was in Montana, resulting in less than ten percent of its revenues. BNSF moved to dismiss both suits based on lack of general personal jurisdiction.

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