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"What Hospital Execs Should be Asking Medical Device Vendors About Cybersecurity," Healthcare IT News

In an article published on June 6, 2017 in Healthcare IT News, Nashville partner Roy Wyman discusses the recent increase in cybercriminals who infiltrate medical devices. Due to the high cost of effective cybersecurity programs, many medical devices lack proper protection. Mr. Wyman told the publication in a recent interview, “Health systems must prioritize the most risky security holes and then balance the costs like any other initiative.” The article offers guidance to patients regarding the importance of recognizing the level of security behind their medical devices and advises hospitals CIOs, CISOs, and staffs to be proactive in guarding healthcare data. Mr. Wyman added, “If securing an older medical device that still delivers value, for instance, will cost $500,000 but only reduces the risk by half, that can be hard to convince CFOs to sign-off on.” For the full article, you may click here.