Columbia - Map/Directions

Meridian, 17th Floor
1320 Main Street
Columbia, SC 29201

Tel: 803.799.2000
Fax: 803.256.7500
Toll Free: 800.237.2000

From Columbia Metro Airport:

Exit airport through main exit.

Turn left onto Highway 302 (Airport Boulevard).

At the first junction, go through light and follow road curving to the left onto Highway 321. This street will change names from 321 to Knox Abbott to Blossom.

Turn left onto Assembly Street.

Turn right onto Washington Street.


Parking garage is on the right between Main Street and Sumter Street.

Park on any level in unreserved parking (spaces without numbers).

Entrance to Meridian is at 1320 Main Street.

From the building lobby, the security desk is on your left.

Continue to the elevators on the right.

Nelson Mullins reception area is located on the 17th floor